Rental #3 Under Contract…while in JAPAN!

My wife’s a teacher, which means our vacations are centered around her breaks. Summer, winter, or spring. This year we’re spending it in Japan visiting my relatives. If you ever have a choice of when to visit Japan, I highly recommend the spring time. Summers are very hot and humid, winters are cold, but Spring time
is perfect. Not to mention it’s cherry blossom season!

For the past week, we’ve been enjoying amazing Japanese food like tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets), curry, sushi, ramen, yakitori, and more! Just thinking about all this food is making me hungry! Despite what you may have heard about Japan being so expensive, you can actually find a lot of amazing food for much cheaper than you’d spend back in the States.

For instance, my wife and I both had a large entree of Katsu curry  for lunch and paid about $15 (1600 yen) total. There’s also amazing ramen that you can find all over Japan that is consistently under $10 for a huge bowl. As long as you’re not eating at Jiro’s, you can find incredible sushi that’s fresh and less expensive than a lot of places in the US. Our bill amounted to about $85 for not only our 3 large beers, but for 15 plates of sushi (2 pieces)! And 4 orders were the pricier fatty tuna (Chu-Toro).

Here we are going to a Tokyo Giants game. Japanese baseball games are an experience in itself. All the fans, I mean ALL the fans are singing chants in unison for every single player as they come up to bat. It doesn’t matter if you’re batting first or ninth. You are celebrated.

The various chants are actually pretty amazing because they don’t just swap out the player’s name. They had at least 6 or so variations of chants. It was a packed house and while the stadium is smaller than what you’ll find back in the States, the collective chants of nearly every fan combines for quite an uproar.

Rental Property#3 (Indy) – Under Contract

Got RP#3 under contract while in Japan. So between hanging out with my relatives and enjoying what Japan has to offer, I’m starting my due diligence on a rental property located over 6000 miles away in Indianapolis. 

There’s some additional challenges being in Japan where it’s 13 hours ahead of where my Indy property is located. Living in Los Angeles, I’m more used to just a 2 or 3 hour difference in time zones which at least puts me nearly at the same time of the day. Not in this case.

I’m usually waking up around 5 or 6 am (yes, I’m an early riser) in Tokyo so that I can communicate with my team in Indy where it’s nearing the end of their business day. Otherwise, I’m sending off emails or making calls between 9 and 11 at night in Tokyo, which would be between 8 and 10 am east coast time.

So far, things are moving along. Inspection is scheduled for tomorrow. I’m hoping to not have any surprises since I actually already walked this property several times back in March when I was visiting. I walked through this particular house first with my real estate agent, then with my project manager who will be managing my rehab, and then a 3rd time with an inspector. 

RP#4 (KC) – Making Offers

This one is still not on the books. Made a serious offer just before taking off for Japan, but my agent just let me know that I didn’t get it. It was disappointing given that I believed I made a strong offer at list price. The rejection response did not have any counter or reason. My agent shared that this listing agent never returns calls or emails and given this was a HUD reverse mortgage, they don’t budge from the list price. In this case, I suppose they wanted something higher.

This property was ideal in that it had a great location and the numbers were great. Exceeded 10% cash on cash returns with over $200 cash flow per month when taking into account maintenance, vacancy, lease fees, and PITI. was near some great schools, had hardwoods throughout, was on a cu

So I’ll be making another offer in the next day or two and hope to get RP#4 under contract before April is over. That’s the goal anyways.

Although I’m still in Japan, I’m pretty confident in making offers from here because I’ve already laid the ground work in setting up a trusted team there.  I’ve been out to KC several times now as well as just last month and I’ve worked with my team for the past couple years so I’ve got a lot of trust in them. Without this trust, I would not be able to move forward in acquiring real estate whether I’m in Japan or in Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter.

Got another week left here and gonna enjoy hanging out with my 92
year old grandmother. She’s in great health, has amazing stories, and is the cutest person I know. Here’s my grandma, uncle, and me hanging out at an onsen (Japanese hot spring) having a beer over dinner.

Till next time…


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