My Monthly Cash Flow Reports

Cash Flow Reports

Each month I document how my rental properties (RP) are performing in order to track my monthly cash flow. I share both the good and the bad, as well as any lessons learned from investing in out-of-state rentals.

For these income reports, I’ll report everything as they occur. That means if no rent came in, there will be a big fat zero. The same goes if there were no maintenance issues for a given month. This is different from when I analyze a potential property that I’d like to invest in. Where in that case, you’d always see some estimated maintenance expense, as well as a vacancy loss, capex, etc in order to appropriately determine my projected cash flow and cash-on-cash return numbers.

This page will continuously be updated with links to all my cash flow reports as they become available.



March: +$896

April: +$74

May: +$1342

June: -$3,505

July: +$476

August: +$724

September: +$737

October: +$600