Vacancy Troubles: What My 9 Week Turnover Looked Like


I often talk to a new investor who’s interested in getting started with rental real estate. One concern they usually have is experiencing a long vacancy.  Recently, one of my out-of-state rentals was vacant for a whole 9 weeks! In this post, I wanted to share what those 9 weeks looked and felt like in animated GIF form! If you’re interested in reading more about this vacant property, I discussed them previously in my monthly cash flow reports. Check out the May, June, and July cash flow report for rental property #2. Week 1: Calling … continue reading.

Sayonara Japan and to Rental Prospect #3.

Must all vacations come to an end? The goal someday is to have enough passive income so that my wife and I can live in Japan not as temporary tourists, but as permanent residents. It’s always been a dream of ours to live in a foreign country. We both grew up bilingual and want our children to learn another language by being immersed in another culture. Until our passive income is high enough to cover all of our expenses and then some, we’ll continue to visit other countries as tourists. Much to … continue reading.

Rental #3 Under Contract…while in JAPAN!

My wife’s a teacher, which means our vacations are centered around her breaks. Summer, winter, or spring. This year we’re spending it in Japan visiting my relatives. If you ever have a choice of when to visit Japan, I highly recommend the spring time. Summers are very hot and humid, winters are cold, but Spring time is perfect. Not to mention it’s cherry blossom season! For the past week, we’ve been enjoying amazing Japanese food like tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets), curry, sushi, ramen, yakitori, and more! Just thinking about all this food … continue reading.